After looking at the blacksmithing techniques available to the Lebialem people, Cassie developed a flat sheetmetal approach to forming our universal connector product. Involving many 2D cardboard mockups and concept testing, the flatpack method allows the blacksmith to cutout a predrawn pattern on sheetmetal and roll/fold out the universal connectors without any need for welding (removal of a secondary process)!

NCIIA Exploratorium March Madness of the Minds (MMM) 2010

This year's annual March Madness for the Mind 2010 event was luckily held here in local San Francisco (Exploratorium). It's a fantastic event which brings together the many creative social solutions supported by the NCIIA organization, all for a grand event and show for the public venue. We had a great time and got incredible feedback on improvements and other organizations that could assist the 'next steps' of our project!

Journey back to Douala...

The ride home's just not the same without something breaking down...

Prototype implementation + Celebrations!

A final set of prototypes and disposable cameras (with postage) were left with our LECDA (NGO) representative to allow Lebialem people to come borrow/use/improve the universal connector products.

We had the amazing opportunity to see all the local villages come together for a memorial celebration and performance, including the unique cultural dances of each village.

On the day of departure, we stopped by the local hospital to deliver soap supplies to patients.

To thank us for our visit, many of the women in the nursing ward decided to name their children after our namesakes - Terence for boys and Cassie for the girls! Cassie's hold her first!

Presenting to the King and family

Postage-paid disposable camers and instructions left for the local community.

Prototype set 2

Keeping us company in the late afternoon.

Local friends showing us around town

The kings palace and universal connector demo


Taking notes